Our Artist Moment!

 We had a girl artist come into our class last week, She came from Shadow Land Theaters on Toronto Island. We made masks and did plays and skits and had lots of fun. Her name was Ann and she was really nice.

She lives on toronto island and has been all across the world. She is really nice and loves to have fun. She likes playing games she likes getting to know people and she just is a really extraordinary girl. She loves to sculpt on masks and put on plays. She loves nature and kids and she is also my friend.


The Blog Audit!!!

1. I have 12 posts. 2. All of them were school based. 3. Only 1 person commented on my blog. None of my posts got comments.

4. None of my posts recived comments. 5. I enjoyed writing the food blog. 6. No I did not change the theeme of any of my posts at all. 7. I have 11 widgits. This is just the right amount that I need for my blog. 8. I have no overseas prople on my blog.

My 2 Favorite Things!!!

my most favorite thing to do is sing and I started singing at 2-3 years old or basically just when I could start saying sentences. One day I was outside and a bee stung my throut directly where my voice box was. Then a few days later I did not have my little kid voice but I had my beautiful singing voice.

by the national food program

by pfly's photostreamby the national food program

My second favorite thing to do is cooking. I wanted to start cooking after I saw my dad make me K.D(kraft dinner) and now I make pasta pizza noodles on the stove or in the microwave and all of those other things kids can cook.

More Comments

I think that making people comment on your blog is hard because I have no one thathas posted a comment on my blog once. The best way is to get eyecatchers on your blog. people also like games they also like cool and interesting stuff. I have absolutley none of that. people should count all of the hard work that people do on their blog posts.

My Family

 Hi my name is Rose and I am 11 years old. My family is kind of like a boxing arena because it is either my big 14 year old sister Tori fighting with my step dad Angelo or my mom Christina. When my family is doing this I just ignore it and not talk because when I talk then I get yelled at by my sister and I hate being yelled at. So anyways I have 5 adult sisters. Their names are Jen, well I do not know the rest but I do know that I have an adult brother. I also have a step mom named Sue and my real dads name is Art. I have 2 bichon-pos(bichon frize with a miniture poodle) one is a boy and his name is Peanut and a girl whos name is bella. They have also both been fixed. I had a  grampa named George but he died when I was 4-6 years old. I have a grandma named Rose agreat grandma named Rosalie one nemed Rosaliea one named Rosellia and the list goes on and on and on. I also have 2 aunts ones name is stephanie and the other is crystal. Crystal had a baby boy named Gregory I think and my other aunt named stephenie had a baby girl named Georga. that is all ot the family that I know of.

Creative Sites

On Kerproof you can make things like pictures, videos, drawings, storys, and even make cards.

On Toymaker ideas you can make a toy and make a movie which I think is really cool.

On automatoon you can make movies and tons of other stuff like creating different scenes for the movie.


Children all over the world are dying from hunger. They can’t get food because they are very poor. Not only them but the entire place is poor . It is poor because the water is very dirty and there is no plants growing there. The reason that the water is dirty is because the entire place is made of sand and dirt that is also why no plants grow there. So without plants and clean water they are starving.


Cheeze spinage pizza

I will be writing about how to make pizza. First you have to make the dough. To make the dough you have to mix eggs, milk, butter, and yeast in one bowl. Then you mix flour, and baking powder in another bowl. Next you should mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients. Mix until soft and dough like. Then roll out the dough into a flat circle then add sauce, peperoni, and anything else you want to put on it. Then you should heat the oven to 360 Digrees and put in the pizza on the middle rack for 10-15 minuits. Finally take out the pizza then let it cool for 2-3 minuits, then cut the pizza and serve it. That is how you make pizza!